Relevant Egypt Podcast Series

Embarking on a mission to unveil the truths of Egyptian culture, the “Relevant Egypt” podcast series delves into the media’s portrayal of this ancient civilization, distinguishing fact from fiction. As a platform devoted to the preservation and promotion of Egyptian Cultural Heritage, we aim to examine these themes through an unbiased, scientific lens. Our approach involves engaging with preeminent scholars to unravel complex questions, delivering accessible and enlightening content to a global audience.

Ancient Egyptian history, brimming with intrigue and fascination, has held audiences captive for millennia. Our objective extends beyond rectifying misconceptions; we strive to educate listeners on the abundant culture and landmarks of this monumental civilization. Our podcasts aspire to illuminate the multifaceted intricacies of Ancient Egypt’s society, politics, and religion, and reveal historical insights that underscore its diversity and complexity. What sets our podcast apart is its commitment to reflecting Egyptian perspectives. We believe that the Egyptian perspective is crucial in providing an authentic and balanced understanding of the subject matter.

We also firmly uphold the belief that ancient Egyptian cultural heritage is a universally shared treasure. It is a bridge that connects diverse cultures, transcending geographical boundaries. We staunchly reject xenophobia and exclusionary ideologies in our discourse, advocating for equal respect and understanding of all cultures and peoples. By exploring the rich history of ancient Egypt, we hope to promote cross-cultural appreciation and celebrate the diversity of humanity.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we delve into the depths of ancient Egypt, uncovering historical facts that shed light on the complexity and beauty of its society, politics, and religion.

  • Podcast Series 1- Cleopatra and Black Egypt: Fact vs. Fiction

    Abstract: The recent premiere of the controversial docu-drama series “Cleopatra” on Netflix, produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, has sparked a fiery debate among various communities and stirred emotions across the globe. Using historical facts and scientific evidence, we will explore this controversy, while acknowledging the limitations of our knowledge, embracing the unknown, and encouraging open…

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