Egyptian Egyptology State of the Field Survey
دراسة ميدانية لعلم المصريات للمتخصصين المصريين

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لملاء الاستبيان باللغه العربية استخدم الارتباط التالي

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This is a wide survey targeting Egyptian nationals in Egypt and abroad who study or work in the field of Egyptology.

The term “Egyptology” is used in its widest sense, encompassing all periods of Egyptian history, including Pharaonic, Islamic, Coptic, Modern, and more. Additionally, the definition of “work in the field of Egyptology” is broad and can include a range of professions, such as academia, archaeology, research, tourism, museum professional, editorial work, authorship, art history, philology, conservation, people who work in the field of cultural heritage, cultural nonprofits, cultural diplomacy, etc.

This survey will be an anonymous survey. The personal information collected will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone outside the State of the Field Project.

The organizers of this survey are certified in Human Subjects Research – IRB Member- Social-Behavioral-Educational Focus.

This survey will stay active until further notice or until its removal from our official website.

Survey Goals

The primary objective of this survey is to gather honest, fair, and representative data that can be meticulously analyzed and utilized by professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the current state and future direction of the field of Egyptian Egyptology. The findings will offer tangible strategies to enhance learning, pedagogy, training, research, and career development, while also fostering professional networking and mentorship opportunities.

Our goal is to establish a solid foundation for the field that provides equitable opportunities for success at all stages of study and career development for Egyptian Egyptologists. In this pursuit, we will identify the unique needs and challenges faced by participants, with special attention given to women and underrepresented communities, ensuring a more inclusive environment.

We are committed to actively promoting support for Egyptian Egyptologists from diverse social, educational, and ethnic backgrounds, recognizing that a diverse field leads to richer perspectives and understanding. The data collected will be valuable not only to those currently studying or working in Egyptology but also to individuals who plan to enter the field in the future. By addressing these critical issues, we aim to create a thriving, inclusive, and equitable landscape for Egyptian Egyptology.

The potential long-term impacts of this survey include the identification of gaps, challenges, and opportunities in the field, which can inform future research, funding, and policy decisions. The findings can also be used to foster international collaborations and support the development of best practices in the preservation and study of Egyptian heritage.

To effectively disseminate the survey findings, a multi-pronged strategy will be employed, including the publication of a comprehensive report, presentations at conferences and workshops, and engaging with traditional and social media outlets.

Survey Conditions

To participate in this survey, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must be an Egyptian citizen. (NOTE: A foreign national who spend most of their life in Egypt or grew up in Egypt may qualify as long as they indicate that in their response.)
  • You must be studying, or have studied, working, or have worked, in the field of Egyptology as defined above, whether in Egypt or abroad.
  • You are willing to answer survey questions truthfully and to the best of your ability.
  • You agree to have your responses used for research purposes and possible policy purposes only and kept confidential in accordance with ethical research standards.
  • Please note that this survey will include questions about your personal experiences and opinions related to Egyptology, including potentially sensitive topics such as cultural heritage and identity. You may opt out of individual questions.
  • You must have internet access to complete the survey online. The survey may take up to one hour to complete depending on the length of your answers.
  • In order to complete the survey, you must reach the end of the survey. You must continue pressing “next section” after each section, even if you have not answered questions in that section. If you do not reach the end of the survey and hit “Submit”, your answers will not be counted.

To fill the survey in Arabic, please use this link:
لملاء الاستبيان باللغه العربية استخدم الارتباط التالي

To fill the survey in English, please use this link

Thank you for your participation.